CUBA Studio Nightly Builds Available

Hi everyone,

If you would like to test extremely fresh features of CUBA Studio and the latest version of CUBA Platform you can use our nightly builds.

Nightly builds are CUBA Studio distributions which include the latest changes. These distribution packages are built from unstable master branch after passing the automated tests. :boom:


Nightly builds are installed as a IntelliJ plugin:

  1. Remove previously installed CUBA plugin from IntelliJ

  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA 2018.3 or newer.

  3. Open the Plugins dialog.

  4. Click to the :gear: icon and select Manage Plugin Repositories.

  5. Click Add and enter the following in the Repository URL field:

  6. After adding the repository, switch to the Marketplace tab. Enter the following into the search field:


  7. You will see the CUBA plugin in search results.

  8. Click Install and follow further instructions of the IDE.

Nightly builds are released once per day and you will receive updates automatically.


Now you should use haulmont_nightly plugin release channel by specifying

as a plugin repository.

Latest Studio, ‘No plugins found’. What I’m missing? works for me

Unfortunately Studio does not like this link either. I did not found anything related to this problem in idea.log. If I try to open the link in the browser then I see the XML file with plugin information, the same with previous link. Any ideas?

Use this repository URL, it works for most users:

Also note that you should use IntelliJ IDEA, not Studio IDE for using nightly builds (Studio IDE has bundled CUBA plugin which shadows nightly builds).

Thank you. I tried to use nightly builds in Studio IDE. My bad.