Wrap of Caption in FiledGroup


I have a FieldGroup where the captions are quite lengthy. Is there a way to wrap the caption and show it on multiple lines? I have the captions set to be on top as well. Here is an image of what I see currently.

I tried setting a caption width but that didn’t seem to do anything.



I found this style which helps with the caption but the layout of the FieldGroup does not adjust.

  .v-caption-multi-line-caption {
    .v-captiontext {
      white-space: pre-wrap;

It looks like there is a fixed 30px line height and making the caption more than 1 line does not affect the 30px line limit.

In this image you can see the caption is now in 5 lines but the actual input fields have not moved to follow on.



FieldGroup does not support multi-line captions. You can use a GridLayout containing necessary fields and multi-line Labels instead.


I managed to do this and mentioned it in this article


Thanks for Multi-line captions in FieldGroup but… isn’t there an easier way?

Like a property “line wrapping” or “enable html” or something?

I also tried “\n” and “<br>” in the dictionary but it doesn’t work.

Hi Alex

No easier way that I know you of. I’m fairly new to CUBA but I tried a variety of way to do it.

Maybe someone at CUBA can confirm this but from looking at GitHub it might be on the way in Version 7 a long with a variety of improvements in layout of field groups. At least that is how it reads to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I think I’ll keep my captions short for now and wait for version 7. :wink:


We are planning to improve FieldGroup in the version 7. Thanks for the feedback, it definitely should be improved.