Where is Cuba Studio installed on MacOS?

Hello Experts,

I have recently started with Cuba and have gone through some documentation. On the Databases such as MySQL or Oracle as suggested we need to copy the jdbc jar’s to Studio/lib directory. But, as I have installed it on Mac i can see it under my Applications directory as app but unable to locate it’s lib directory. Kindly advise on the location for CUBA Studio installation directory on MacOS. Also as suggested it to be copied under tomcat installation’s lib directory for runtime, on a development environment what would be the location of tomcat for cuba generated project.

I found it to be working by placing the JDBC jar’s in below location:
/Applications/CUBA Studio.app/Contents/Java

Not sure, if this is the correct place to keep Jdbc jar’s on MacOS but Cuba studio is able to connect to 3rd party database’s by keeping the jar’s in above location.

Hi Shoaib,
You’re absolutely right. For now /Applications/CUBA Studio.app/Contents/Java is the correct place to keep jdbc jar’s. Unfortunately, it’s not obvious. Thank you for reporting the problem. We will fix it in one of the next Studio releases.

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