Where do I put the mysql jar on MacOS for Cuba 6.8.3


I’m trying to follow instructions on how to enable MySql (or MariaDB) support in Cuba on MacOS High Sierra.

My first issue is that I have downloaded the JDBC driver, and I get 2 JARs and the documentation does not specify which I should use:


The documentation says to rename removing the version number and place in the folder
however, I do not have a lib folder, should I create one?

A search on the forum found this topic from 2016:

…that says to the correct place is under the /Applications/CUBA Studio.app/Contents/Java folder, however, I do not have a Java folder (and the thread says this would be fixed in a later version) so… should I create one?

Where should I be placing which renamed Jar file?


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Do you use CUBA Studio or CUBA Studio SE?

Hi Gleb,

thanks for your reply. I’m am using CUBA Studio SE.

In case of using CUBA Studio SE, take a look at this comment.

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Thanks Gleb. To save anyone else the click its:

/Applications/CUBA Studio SE.app/Contents/Resources/app/studio/lib/

will try and let you know.