Problem with db2

Hello Haulmont team,
I’m trying to use cuba platform for a project on db2.
I have defined Custom Database and modify gradle with jdbc driver.
I’m be able to open database and my application run correctly.
I follow different thread such as CUBA Platform 7.1 and custom database (IBM AS400-iSeries) and How to add new database type JTOpen (ibm as400) - #5 by zlatoverov and this link
CUBA Studio User Guide.
In As400DbmsFeatures class I have setting DB2Platform as target-database.
In have a problem with order table.
The ‘order by’ condition is ignored.
In internet I finded that this is a bug generated by printSQLSelectStatement procedure in DB2Platform file of eclipselink jar.
I have debugged the code and I have identified the problem generated by
useRownumFiltering property setted to true.
if useRownumFiltering = true the sql generated by printSQLSelectStatement is wrong.
Re: [eclipselink-users] Order By with DB2/400 DataBase
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The useRownumFiltering is a property of DatabasePlatform class and is setting as detault to true.
If I modify this value to false in debug the order sql run correctly.
The version of eclipselink used by cuba is 2.7.3.

  • Can I try to use more recently version of eclipselink to verify if this bug is being fixed?
  • Alternatively Can I create a subclass of DB2platform for override method?
  • How can I modify useRownumFiltering programmatically by access to DataBasePlatform class?

Thank’s for support