CUBA Platform 7.1 and custom database (IBM AS400-iSeries)

I am new to CUBA Platform and I’d like to develop CUBA App with custom DB (IBM AS400 - iSeries)
I followed the User Guide (CUBA Studio User Guide) and I define a new custom DB and configure It (writing custom Java and groovy classes) but when I run the build I have the error message :
Error Connecting to Database: java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:as400://localhost/testprojext

Are there anyone that could help me?

Seems like the jdbc driver could not be found. I am connecting to the iSeries using jdbc by specifying the jt400 driver like so in build.gradle:

configure(coreModule) {

    configurations {

    dependencies {


This is of course not quite the same as you are trying, but if the driver can not be found then nothing will work. I also tried to follow the same guide, but never got all the bits and pieces to work.

Hi Torben,
I try adding the compile line with the driver but nothing happens and I still have the error.
Do you have a sample project with jdbc with jt400 that you can share ?