Important: shutdown of the Bintray and Jcenter repositories

Hello everyone,

During the last years the CUBA platform has been relying on the JFrog Bintray global network for distributing platform and add-on artifacts. This network had an associated repository URL which was suggested by the project creation wizard as the default option.

Unfortunately, the JFrog Bintray repository will be shut down soon. You can read the official announcement from the JFrog company here:

Below are the key moments concerning the migration from the Bintray:

  • Artifacts already uploaded to the Bintray will remain available until the 1st February 2022.
  • CUBA 7.2.12 is the last release published in the Bintray. Subsequent releases will be published only to the repository.
  • In April we have started to receive feedback from users that even now some updates of the Maven artifacts not related to the platform are missing in the jcenter (mavenCentral analog by JFrog).
  • We recommend you to reconfigure your projects to use the repository, otherwise you won’t be able to receive updates of the platform and other libraries.
  • CUBA Studio version 15.3 and later display the corresponding warning to the user for the projects using Bintray.
  • During the next months we will move all CUBA addons published in the Bintray to the, so that they will remain available even after full shutdown of the Bintray.

You can change main repository used in the project with the help of the Project Properties dialog available through the CUBA main menu: CUBA Studio User Guide

Updated platform documentation page: Configuring Access to Repository - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual.

Speaking about Jmix, its artifacts are going to be distributed using the following repositories:

  • - global repository with mirrors in several AWS regions. It’s recommended for the majority of users.
  • - located in Europe, in addition to release artifacts it also contains daily snapshots published as part of the Continious Integration process.

Best regards,
Platform team.

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So after bintray shutdown, how to configure Configure the Proxy Repository using Jfrog?
See this topic, Incorrect username, password or no permission to use the Nexus User Interface, previously does not support jfrog connecting , so I post above topic, and I got bintray support in this topic How to link remote Bintray repo to Artifactory

current error message while connecting from jfrog:

2021-10-09 14:23:20,875 [http-nio-8081-exec-9] [INFO ] (o.a.r.RemoteRepoBase:968) - Error listing remote resources Unable to retrieve 401: Unauthorized (remote response: 401: Unauthorized)

So the problem comes again, any solution? Thanks~

See Configuring Access to Repository - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

The first part of your license key before dash is the repository user name, the part after dash is the password. For example, if your key is 111111222222-abcdefabcdef , then the user name is 111111222222 and the password is abcdefabcdef .

Thanks Alexander. But you didn’t get my point. The problem is that such connection from jFrog to nexus is rejectect by nexus.
I am sure that I entered correct login and password. I tried both key only and key with @cuba-platform suffix.

2021-10-09 14:23:20,875 [http-nio-8081-exec-9] [INFO ] (o.a.r.RemoteRepoBase:968) - Error listing remote resources Unable to retrieve 401: Unauthorized (remote response: 401: Unauthorized)

OK, we will check from our side.