Drill-In Reports possible?

As far as I can see, the CUBA reporting technology does not allow to create drill-in reports. Is this correct? If so, do you have any third-party solutions that have perhaps already been tried together with CUBA to make drill-in reports?

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It’s correct, CUBA now output reports only in office formats, PDF and HTML.
We have plans for integrating with a third-party BI tool, but I cannot promise any specific release date.

Sounds good that a BI tool will be integrated! This will take the platform another step up… Any high level time to launch that can be shared? (sorry to hop in…)

Certainly this year.

Thanks. Will this be a commercial or open source based free BI tool? any name in mind?

Can you suggest something?
We would appreciate any feedback.

Pentaho, Jasperreport, Spagobi etc. could be options… I’m not a BI expert though…

One of the best tools from point of view of user interface is certainly Qliksense. I don’t know about JasperReports today, I had to do with it a few years ago. It was one of the “normal” tools, same as CrystalReports, No wow effect. I think both tools are not able to generate drill-in reports, right?
Another good option would be BIRT, as far as I know one of the opensource tools with functionality like BO.

For us, it would be very important to know if there will come a reporting tool integration still this year. We must begin our development now, and it is essential for us, if we have to find an external solution or if there will be an integration (which I would prefer, as you might imagine). Can you give any more precise information about the status of your report integration project?

QlikSense, yes I wish I could prefer that as it’s a very good one, I am currently using it. However, it works only in Windows operating system and doesn’t have any java connectivity! If it’s not java compatible that is a disadvantage!

I would suggest CUBA-Platform team to do an analysis of comparatives and share it with the community before deciding…

Qliksense can be integrated in a web application very good. I do not know about desktop integration capabilities.

We are going to do some research next month, so in the beginning of July we will come back with exact terms. At the moment I can guarantee the first implementation of integration with a BI suite will be released this year.

Hi Konstantin,

again, thank you! How can we find out about the progress with this integration? You say you will come back with exact terms in July. Is there a way to be notified when this happens?

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Hi Marcus,
We will certainly publish our findings and plans here on this thread.
After the initial research we will be ready to discuss it with you as a potential customer and beta-tester, if you don’t mind. It would help us to keep the right direction.

Sounds great!


have you looked into Metabase? It is an open source BI solution with seems quite interessting.
To integrate it with CUBA i created just recently a blog post.

This might be a valuable alternative as a BI solution, although i’m not 100% sure if the mentioned requirements are fulfilled with this solution - so you might have a look at it.


Hi Mario,

thank you for your proposal. I will check this immediately…

With my little exposure to Metabase, it looks like Metabase currently supports querying only one table at a time. If that is the case, it will work great for a warehouse model but may not be suitable if one need to connect to live system, as data is going to be scattered all around.

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Hi All,
We have made some research and below is our current vision of a possible integration with BI tools.

CUBA platform will provide integration with at least two BI suites: Qlik Sense and Pentaho.
The integration will consist of the following:

  • Access control lists (ACL) based on security constraints for entities imported to the BI tool. The ACL are created in the main database at scheduled intervals and are being imported together with data.
  • UI for registering and running BI reports from a predefined screen.
  • Visual components and API for embedding BI reports into arbitrary CUBA screens. These visual components can also subscribe to events from a BI report and invoke some actions in the application code in response to user actions.

We expect that this functionality will be implemented in the platform release 6.4 by the end of 2016.
Your comments and questions are welcome!

Hi Konstantin
That’s a very good news! It is highly appreciated.

I have a question:
-if we use the same access authorization, will there be any possible limitation in using tables aggregation at BI level? How the access to different data cubes are expected to work then?