Drill-In Reports possible?

Hi Mortoza,
If you use access group constraints (row-level security), BI will give you access to data according to ACL. It should not limit your ability to represent in any way the data that is accessible to you.

Sounds very good.
Can we also expect that we will also have option to use the power of available tools from Pentaho/Qlik sense outside Cuba IDE for analysis, design etc.?

Sure. You will have to purchase/install them separately, we will just provide integration to simplify usage of BI-reports in CUBA screens and applying security restrictions defined in the CUBA security subsystem.

Sounds very good, thank you.


Hi Konstantin,
After the successful release of v6.3, I believe you are now working on v 6.4 where integration of QlikSense and Pentaho BI will be one of the major achievements. When do you think this can be released this year?

Hi Mortoza,

We are going to announce our roadmap for 6.4 in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Just to say that I am looking foward to this Pentaho integration.

Thanks in advance

Hi Konstantin,

any further news on the Pentaho Integration feature?



The add-on for integration with Pentaho is ready and we’ll publish it next week. However, it will be a part of our premium add-ons and will require an active subscription.

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Hi All,

The add-on for integration with Pentaho is finally available. Please see documentation here.


Great news! Thanks a lot.

Question: would community edition be good enough using CUBA-BI plugin functionalities?