DOCX report generated shows "Word found unreadable content in ..." when open in Office


We generated a report using the DOCX template in the reporting addon and the .docx file is created. But when we open in MS Office, there is an error message popup which says: “Word found unreadable content in . …”. If we click on OK, it will display the file contents correctly. How do we avoid having this error message when opening in MS Office ? Is there something wrong with the file format ?


Check this topic

Thanks Natalia. Yes, when we modify the template in MS Office 2016, the output generated has the error message popping up. When we use LibreOffice to edit and save the template in Office 2007-365 format, it doesn’t popup the error message.

When can we expect the next release of the platform to come out ?


we’re following this one also, see Latest MS Word (Office 365) causing error when used to create DOCX Report Template file - #8 от пользователя ted_striker and can see the issue Error with opening generated report file via Word Office 365 · Issue #288 · cuba-platform/reports · GitHub

I just upgraded to Platform version 7.2.14 and this bug seems to be gone.

Test your project again.