CUBA Studio SE: a desktop application based on Electron


This an announcement of outdated version of the Studio. New version of the Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA. Read more in our blog.

In version 6.7 we are introducing new version of CUBA Studio - CUBA Studio Standalone Edition.

It is a version of CUBA Studio that enables you to use CUBA Studio as an independent Desktop application without a web browser. You can use all the advantages of your operating system such as task bar, fast switching between applications with shortcuts and shutdown of the application on window close.


You can download SE 6.x version using the following link:

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Download link

Please post comments on SE version and report problems in this topic.


Do you have a link for studio 6.7.2?


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Thank you Sorin @sorin.federiga! We have updated links for zip and exe above, dmg package will be ready soon.

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Question, will this be a separate product or will it be available within the current licensing?


Great News!! Bravo team…

You can use it as a full replacement for the standard Studio, moreover, it is built from the same source code as the standard version and has the same functionality. It does not require an additional license and will be registered automatically if you’ve already used Studio on your PC.

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Very interesting. I assume that it is possible to compile a CUBA application using Electron as well.

@tudorghircoias I assume too. If we package our Cuba based app by electron will that run in mobile devices too? I hope yes!!!

Some experience sharing by the cuba team will be appreciated. This is going to open another door of opportunities!!


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I have been using this Studio SE version, working very good!

And this is something that we’ve been researching for a little while. We are planning to show the approach to building Desktop applications with the same UI as in Web in the future.

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We cannot use Electron on mobile platforms since it is a Desktop framework. Moreover, we cannot run Java backend for an application UI on mobile devices, thus there is no way to deliver this technology to mobile devices.

Now, you can use Cordova / Phone Gap to build applications based on Polymer Client of the platform to deliver mobile applications, we’ve successfully built mobile apps for a couple of bespoke projects on top of Apache Cordova.

We look forward for that! Thank you so much.

That’s another good news :slight_smile:
We understand you are going to share a better sample app soon on polymer as confirmed by Konstatin . Probably a demo on working with Cordova could follow.


Where do I use a proxy server, how can I configure the connection parameters to the server?

Please open a new topic for this question. The process is the same as for standard version: It is recommended to set these properties system-wide in the JAVA_OPTS environment variable. The Studio launch script passes JAVA_OPTS to the Java executable. CUBA Studio Installation - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

See also Not able to connect to internet/repo through proxy - CUBA.Platform

Hi Yuriy
Do you have any plan to cover some guidelines in user manual or any other form on desktop packaging with Electron?

Not yet, it is our internal research project that we will not announce/document until we release something useful.

I see a lot, this will be useful initiative if you help the community as part of CUBA add-on or any other form of value added benefits.

As for mobile application development with CUBA you can participate in the upcoming webinar Creating hybrid mobile application based on Polymer Client with Cordova and PhoneGap

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Have a problem with db driver on Mac os SE version of studio. Where should i place a jar file with db driver?

At the same time web version working well.

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