You have unsaved changes - Problem

Hi community,

When I open the browser screen of an entity and create one object in this entity, everything is fine.
When I modify this object in editor, after I saved it before, I get this message:

You have unsaved changes - Do you want to save changes before close?

The problem is, that I have to click about 2-4 times to the button “save”, that I can come back to my screen again, and he save the changes of this object.

Do anybody have an idea, why it not save just in time, when I click “save”? Or how I can solve this, that I dont get this notification anymore?

Thanks a lot…

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This message is shown by a screen if it has a datasource in “modified” state when closing.

If it is a standard editor, it can get modified by some calculations performed on modification of nested datasources like in this example. If you have similar code in your editor screen, make sure that BigDecimal precision is not truncated when saved to the database, as it can lead to modification of the same entity after saving it.

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