Yarg stacked serialchart?

Running latest v7.0.5 of the platform. I am declaring a chart using YARG. I have a report band (SQL) like this:

select mlgcode as mlgcode, days as days, sum(ordercount) as orders
from ResponseCurve
where mlgid in ${mlgid}
group by mlgcode, days
order by 1, 2

When a user selects more than one mlgid (giving more than one mlgcode), I would like each one to show as its own line on a SerialChart.

How do I make this happen?

Hi, @ericraskin!

Аs I understand, you want to divide the columns into dynamic number of series (by number of mlgcode values). Unfortunately, it is not possible with chart output format. You could try Pivot Table that gives you more options for customization.