Yarg DocX Report / Band Scope

I’m currently evaluating Yarg to see if it can handle our reporting needs. It looks promising, I found the Excel (XLSX) Reports to be pretty well documented, marking regions, but not the Word (DOCX) Reports.

What is the scope of a ##band? In the invoice example it is only a table row. One of our use case would be to create a product catalog. That is each item of our product catalog would be rendered one after the other (possibly one per page). Can I mark somehow a group of paragraphs or of pages in MsWord that belong together and that should repeat as much as there are products in the catalog? Is it doable? Do you have a working example?

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Jasper Reports much better :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, DOCX doesn’t support grouping, only XLSX supports grouping.


Is it a feature that will come? I’d gladly help or even contribute if a developer wants to team with me.