Yarg beginner: few questions about the functionality


i´m new into YARG and we are thinking about using Yarg in our company to generate reports. Therefore, i have some questions about the functionality which i haven´t found in the manuel or something.

I´m using a JsonDataloader, a DOCX-Template and PDF as output-format. Is it possible:

1.) to create input textfields, checkboxes or radiobuttons in the output PDF?
2.) to include a docx-Template in another docx-template? For example, i have a standard template which i want to use in many other reports. Can i use this template and include this in another template or do i have to generate 2 seperate PDF reports and join them?
3.) to use a “query” in the docx-template? For example: If ${Bandname.Variable} = 1, Then print Paragraph A, otherwise print Paragraph B
4.) to define a header and a footer to integrate and use it in many other templates

Hi Stefan,

  • I’ve tried to insert input textfields, checkboxes into DOCX and convert with PDF. it works only if we use LibreOffice for document conversation (app property is enabled: reporting.openoffice.docx.useOfficeForDocumentConversion = true). But we use reports with textfields for the first time, and I think some problems may appear.
  • Unfortunately DOCX templates can’t include another docx-template. As workaround you can generate 2 separate PDF reports and join them.
  • This functionality emulates with control table. Additional info you can find in: Do not display table if there is no returned data in the rows - CUBA.Platform
  • Header/footer can be created in DOCX header and footer functionality. But it is not separate template and you can’t include into different templates. You can directly specify header/footer for each template.