[YARG] 1:N relationship (sub-band) with Table in Table


i have a question regarding yarg.

We have some Word templates that use word tables as a way to design the page. So like there is a two column table which in the first column there are field descriptions while in the second column there is the data (see attached example).

Unfortunately YARG currently seems not be capable to handle these kind of situations, because when i run the report it will not take the inner table as a band that has to be processed.

I’ve looked a little into DocxFormatter, TableManager and TableCollector but it wasn’t obvious to me what would needed to be changed in order to process the inner tables in the DocxFormatter as well.

So my question here is, is it generally possible to extend yarg in this way? Additionally i would be interested if anyone used Word tables for formatting purposes and therefore runs into this situation as well?

As an escape i could pre-process the list of names in this case and print it as a String (as a single value) in the report. That would probably do the trick as well…


CustomerSheetYargexample-tableintable.docx (4.9K)


Hi Mario,

Thank you for reporting the issue. We have investigated it and created a YouTrack issue. The problem seems to be quite easy to fix, so we are going to do it for a next bug-fix release.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: