XERO! Integration Help

Any of you clever cookies want a challenge?!

I have been mucking around for two days now trying to get integration with Xero working. (Xero is a very popular cloud-based accounting software).

This is the link to the API I am trying to integrate with Cuba. It works fine on my spring application…

I am attaching a copy of a test program I have set up to try and get this to work. I have created a Demo-Company in Xero and made the connection credentials, keyfile, key, and secret.

In build.gradle. You will need to change the path of “filesToCopy” to match where you will run the app from so it copies the demo_xero.pem key file into the resources folder (or just manually put it there).

There is another Xero API which I did manage to get working. However it conflicts with JasperReports so I will need to use this one (which is the main one anyway).

xero-tester.zip (392.7K)


Have managed to get the other app working.