Wrong local messages when using Multitenancy addon

Hi Team,

The Users screen will do not show incorrect local messages when using Multitenancy addon.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a CUBA project with Chinese Translation addon
  2. Set the language to " * Simplified Chinese" in Setting screen.
  3. Open the User screen, we can see the Roles and Substituted User sections do not show Chinese .

Original Post in Chinese forum: https://forum.cuba-platform.cn/t/topic/1867

Please take a look!


Hello, @lugreen

Could you please tell me platform version and add-on version where you find the issue?

I’ve try to reproduce this issue on CUBA platform version 7.2.13 and Simplified Chinese Translation add-on v.7.2.0
and I see on the User screen only Security scope field isn’t translated.

Hi @y.konyashkina,

Thanks for your quickly reply.

The versions I used:


cubaVersion is 7.2.13 .

And seems you didn’t use the Multitenancy addon . The problem will appear only when using the addon.

Hello, @lugreen

You’re right, the cause of wrong local messages is Multitenancy addon.
We created a ticket about it.


Hi @y.konyashkina,

Tank you!