Workshop order edit screen does not scroll


I followed the workshop tutorial and created the order screen. When I test it I do not see the window actions (OK and Cancel buttons). It seems they come after the parts list but the browser does not allow me to scroll down. When I check the order edit screen layout in Studio it does not show the window actions either. See the screenshots attached.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

I use Cuba Studio Server v.2.1.1. Tested it on both Chrome and Edge browsers with the same result.

Regards, Edwin.

Cuba scroll issue.pdf (322.9K)

Is it not a rendering problem or platform bug, but a small issue of auto-generated screens.

In this screen the FieldGroup component has height AUTO (by its content) and the GroupBox with the Table has fixed height 200px. The layout itself has height 100%. In this configuration all components which don’t fit in the layout will be invisible.

You can solve this problem in several ways:

  1. Explicitly use a ScrollBox component with size 100%x100% and place the FieldGroup and GroupBox into this ScrollBox.
  2. Set id attribute for the GroupBox and set this id to expand attribute of the Layout, then set height 100% for the Table.
  3. Change your screen in a way that the Table will be at the right of the FieldGroup. For example using a HBox component.

In the 2 case you should also take into account that if your screen has small height then the Table will have small height too, due to relative size.

You can find more tips and tricks on layouts here: