Windows 10 blue screen - corrupted Studio project

I’m brand new to Cuba Platform and working through the sales video tutorial. I was adding some extras and then the dreaded Windows 10 blue screen. Now I can’t open the Studio project (read error message about accessing repo). persistence.xml was simply a file full of nulls. If this is a risk, what is the best way of backing up a Studio project during development? Unfortunately I no longer have persistence.xml as an example.


Hello, @alex1!

We are glad that you are interested in CUBA. Could you share Studio log from <home_dir>/.haulmont/studio/logs/studio.log to investigate the problem?

And the best way to backup your project is to use some version control system like Git.


Thanks for your reply.

I have attached one of the studio.logs. This seems relevant (line 108). I was using the ‘sales’ project. I also separately created ‘sales1’, but that is (149.2 KB)

Thanks. Yes, you are right, this message is related to the problem.

I’ve tried to reproduce the problem and Studio just showed a notification with SAXParseException. Could you clarify what version of CUBA Studio do you use (Browser/Standalone editon and a version, e.g. 6.8.4)?

And about the second problem with repo access. Could you try to open the following URL:

Studio SE v6.8.5. Hope that helps

Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the problem. Please notify us if it will appear again.