WindowManager depricated

What should one use when WindowManager depricated?
at the moment using for this:

btn.addClickListener(clickEvent -> {
                try {
                    URI uri = new URI(url);

                    App app = App.getInstance();
                    WindowManager wm = app.getWindowManager();
                    wm.showWebPage(uri.toString(), null);
                } catch(/*IOException | */URISyntaxException e) {

Hello, Igor!

In JavaDocs you can find information what can be used instead of deprecated. In IntelliJ Idea you can use CTRL-Q shortcut for showing JavaDocs.


You can obtain WebBrowserTools like this:

protected void onInit(InitEvent event) {
    ScreenContext screenContext = UiControllerUtils.getScreenContext(this);
    WebBrowserTools webBrowserTools = screenContext.getWebBrowserTools();