Widgetset of vaadin add-on

While I tried to use one of the Vaadin add-on, I didn’t find a reference of the Widgetset to update “Inherited widgetset” field in the CUBA Studio. The add-on I am trying to use is here. https://vaadin.com/directory#!addon/excel-uploader

I tried to find it from Netbeans as well as EClipse by opening the project but didn’t find!! Any hints?

Hi Mortoza,

Unfortunately, CUBA Studio doesn’t have the ability to add add-ons without Widgetset now.

I advise you to add the add-on dependency for the Web Module in the CUBA Studio:

  1. Open “Project properties” tab, click on the “Edit” button and select the “Advanced” tab
  2. On this tab click on the button “Add” to the right of “Web Module” label
  3. Choose “compile” and enter “com.vaadin.addon:excel-uploader:0.1.0” to the field to right of drop-down list

You can also read how to use Vaadin UI component here