Why would a nested datasource save some items on submit but not others?

Say you can create an applicant within an application. Within applicantEdit, you can add companyInfo (a third entity). Sometimes the companyInfo information will save to the applicant, and other times it won’t, but I cant find a pattern. What is a thorough way to accomplish this that would be error-free, or what might I be doing wrong?

Is it a two-level composition or the nested entities are saved independently?

CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual: Implementing a Composition

What does this mean? What is the “view” of an edit screen? Should I have views for all my edit screens?

The view of the airport editing screen should contain the terminals attributes collection:

Sorry, the above question is based on an attempt to try using the nested DataSource approach that I have been attempting for the last few days to fix the cascade-persist problem I was running into. I can’t get theses nested entities to create properly. I wondered if that line in the documentation had something to do with my failures.

View is a required property of any top-level datasource - it defines what attributes and related entities should be loaded from the database. The view of the edit screen is a view that is used by the main datasource of the screen - the one which contains the edited entity.

If you want us to help you to make something work - create a small sample project with minimal data model that demonstrates your problem, archive it (Alt-/, zipProject) and attach here. We will try to fix it for you.