Where is the location of the ${catalina.home} directory?

Where is the location of the ${catalina.home} directory ?

Hi James,

catalina.home stores the path to your installed Tomcat instance. If you use the standard deploy Gradle task, the path will look like the following:


See more info on fast deployment in Tomcat here: https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.7/fast_deployment.html

Thanks for you reply, Olga!

By the way, I was reading about Work Directory (https://doc.cuba-platform.com/manual-6.7/work_dir.html) in the documentation and another question came up:

Consider the folders below generated by the deploy task:

I would like to create a folder named test with a file called test.txt insider app-core folder, to be accessed by a ServiceBean class in my core module.

Using my service class is there any API that allows me to access this folder ?


Otherwise, what would be the best way to access a folder like that (created by me) with files inside using Cuba ?

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Good question. There’s a historical inconsistency in the name of app property you need: cuba.dataDir, that’s why you didn’t find it.
You can use the getDataDir() method of GlobalConfig to access this folder.

That’s right, I could access using the code below:


protected Configuration configuration;

public String getRootPath() {

return "dataDir: " + configuration.getConfig(GlobalConfig.class).getDataDir();


Thank you, Olga

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