Where can one find the compiler output?

I’m using Cuba studio and sometimes I get an error and that I need to check the compiler output. Most of the times it is something stupid like a semi-colon I forgot in the code which I’m able to find. But now and then it seems really hard to know what is going wrong and I would like to see the compiler output. However, until now I have not been able to find it.

Where can one find this output using Cuba studio?


First of all, I would recommend using IDE (IntelliJ or Eclipse) for coding. It can work in parallel with Studio - scaffolding and visual design in Studio, writing code in IDE. So you will be able to use code completion, refactorings, and see errors instantly.

As for the compiler output - when you restart or build your project the compiler output is in the Messages window, you cannot miss it. It should be like this:

:app-web:compileJavaD:\work\tmp\cuba-sample-customer-phones\modules\web\src\com\company\sample\web\customer\CustomerEdit.java:28: error: ';' expected
        phonesTableCreate.setAfterCommitHandler(entity -> makeSingleMainPhone((Phone) entity))
1 error

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

But when you hot-deploy on the running application, you cannot see it, because the compilation is done by the application itself. You will see the cause only in the error dialog details when you open the screen.

Thanks for the info. I guess I scrolled just past the actual compiler error all the time. I have seen it now however.

And yes, I will switch to using an IDE later on for coding.