What is the expected format for a band result item name ?

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I have a custom data loader that provides a cube with universal naming on dimensions (ex user.name, user.email) and simple naming on measures (ex call_count, call_duration)
A band is

With yarg_1.0.59, and DocxFormatter, it was working correctly because the last column of a table row was a dimension, so the TableCollector was able to find a rowWithAliases (RegexpFinder kept the last item found in a row)

I upgraded to 1.0.70, and now the RegexpFinder keep the first found item, which for me is a dimension with DOT notation (user.name), and now fails the TableCollector test.

I cannot change the custom DataLoader as the cube may have multiple dimensions with the same second rank (user.name, pet.name …).

Is there a motive for such test?

Try to use yarg_1.1.3. We performed some changes in TableCollector. Now RegexpFinder finds all aliases in the row and rowWithAlliases is the row where all aliases are bound to the current band.

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It’s now working, thanks a lot.

I started to work on my side on the core component (forked on github). Is the github fully in sync with the repository? How do I know what is in a release vs github?

We synchronize YARG from our repository (versions 1.0.* and 1.1.) with GitHub once a day. We create tags on GitHub for all our releases and you can find what to do by commits. Commit message usually contains the ticket id in our bug tracking system (https://youtrack.cuba-platform.com/issues).
There is an incorrect name of tags for YARG version 1.1.
, e.g. for YARG version 1.1.3 tag name is yarg-1.0.3. But we fix name of tags for new YARG versions.