What in the world could cause a screen to go into "immediate save/etc" mode!?!?

(I’m still looking into this myself, but I’m also posting this in case anyone simply knows a simple answer)

Another twilight zone one here.

I have a relatively simple master/detail setup representing an invoice with its lines and the lines associating to a product (in this case a procedure code, but same concept).

Unlike in every other place (and there are quite a few and on FAR more complex screens than this one!) when I go to the invoice edit screen, click create on the lines table’s button panel, fill out the line edit screen, then hit Ok on that… IT SAVES THAT LINE (and thus the invoice) IMMEDIATELY (!!!)

Every other single place I have this pattern, it does not save until the final Ok on the Master screen.

It also immediately (soft)deletes the line if I click remove on the table’s buttons. Every other place that does not happen until that final Ok on the Master screen.

It’s almost like there’s some kind of a flag somewhere flipping this screen into “immediate” mode, and I can’t find such a thing anywhere.

It’s causing major problems working this way (pkey violations, unfetched att errors on not-new invoices, etc).

What could be causing this behavior?

Well anyway. :smiley:

I guess the general stress in the world has gotten to me.

NOTE: When defining entities, if you have a master-detail situation, make sure on the Master, when defining your Detail collection, mark it as COMPOSITION - not ASSOCIATION, or things will not work as you expect!

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