What does this message means?

See the attached image. I have created the database from scratch updated the database and tried to build the project over and over. Every time I want to run the project this message pops up.
What does it means?



It means that your database scheme doesn’t match to the your application data model (extra or missing columns/fields, tables, etc). Have you tried to click ‘Update database’?

Yes. Several times. Have also tried to create database. Same message each time i run project.

Does it appear every time? Does it appear in case you updated the database and restarted the application without changing anything?

After checking the database updates an rebuild of projects the message has disappeared.
Probably there was a project that was not correctly build.
It seams like the problem is solved after rebuild of all projects and deployed again.

So everything is ok, am I right?

Yes, everything is fine now.
Close this issue.