WEBDAV modulePrefix URL problem


I developed an application using the WEBDAV add-on and deployed in a Tomcat web server setting the context path of my application to “/”, renaming the application war to ROOT.war.
In my tests, I can upload files properly using webdav-document-upload component, but when I try to edit this document, the URL generated to edit the document has an “app” in the middle of the URL.

Ex.: http://testescomponentestupy.plataforma.tupy.com.br:8080/**app**/webdav/link/3154845f-ebc7-5b76-a2a7-a7038400aef8

The component documentation describes that this is the default value of the property webdav.server.modulePrefix, that can be defined in app.properties.

What value do I need to insert in this property to the WebDav component create the URL correctly when I configure my application to use the root context?


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Hello, Jade!
Thank you for reporting the issue. We will fix it in the next version.

We’ll let you know when we publish it.

Hi @zharenov!
Is this issue already planned in some component release?


Hello, @jade.oliveira!

Could you check the version 2.3.5? It should be published today.