Web solution but not webapp

I don’t know if the title fits correctly what I want to ask, but I can’t find a better way :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple of ideas whose frontend target is public. I would like to do with CUBA, but the look and feel of this projects, are not as web apps but more as a website.

What should be the approach? Using polymer client?


Hello, @giuseppe

If I understand you correctly, then, perhaps, the use of Polymer is also irrational. It depends on your tasks. Probably, something like Vue can be more appropriate for you.

By the way, we have Polymer client for CUBA applications - Studio can generate a module with Polymer project, scaffold screens and much more.

To get more information please check out our documentation for the Polymer UI: link.


Sorry for delay.

What I tried to explain is, one of this projects, for example, is an auction house for a game. I don’t see Vaadin UI working with that kind of web app, for this I asked if Polymer fits better. Or If I should go with other framework outside CUBA.

With Vue you mean to write from scratch UI with Vue and talk using REST with CUBA backend?

Yes, if Vaadin UI is too complex for you case, some lightweight techology can be used to create a UI that will interact with CUBA-based backend.

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Do you suggest some especifically? Angular/Vue/Backbone/and so on,there are thousands.

You can create backend rest api with cuba and use any other tecnology client side.


Yes, there are a lot of JS frameworks now, but Angular can be the most suitable option because it has a lot of features out of a box.

Currently the best option for you is to can start with Polymer client. We plan to introduce support of different front-end frameworks by the end of the year.

Moreover, you can use Polymer client if you want to create custom web sites that will be integrated with the main CUBA-based application. For instance, use iron- components https://www.webcomponents.org/collection/PolymerElements/iron-elements as highly customizable building blocks without Material design.