We are looking for a CRM-solution on the CUBA platform for exchange / purchase / joint development for logistics features

We are a team of business solutions developers. We specialize in logistics problems, with optimizations and other complex mathematics.
We will be glad to join the development of CRM solutions at CUBA.
At the core it should be a regular B2B CRM solution with options for setting up fast sales and building long project sales algorithms.
The main thing that we will finish is the binding of customers and potential customers to their location on the map.
Companies whose business involves the sale of goods with delivery usually very crookedly calculate the cost of these deliveries using some sort of primitive technique like “consider the distance to the warehouse”.
3 examples in which 2 points are located 10 km from the warehouse:
20km and other

Or an example illustrating the relationship between the cost of service points by grouping their location:


In general, it will be useful for distribution, delivery services, 3PL-4PL operators, and sellers of many goods that are sold with delivery.
The selling price must necessarily take into account the cost of delivery, and it can be very difficult to calculate.
And the second side of the coin - why come to CRM - sales should be built in advance taking into account the geography of the location of potential customers.
Waiting for suggestions
Kshivansky Alexander
skype - kshivanskiy


Hi Cuba team.
I have the same requirement.

the same requirement in part of logistic or CRM?

In case your need is CRM, let me know, I have one.

Hi @mortozakhan,

Could you please post information about your CRM under the Solutions Exchange tag?


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Hi @kshivanskiy and others.
I’m so sorry for the confusion.
My requirement is to know how they implemented route calculation.
Or if they used a tool other than Cuba

Sure, that;s good suggestion. I’ll do it shortly.