War file upload to Jelastic Environment using FileZila

Do you have an idea where one should copy the war file to jelastic platform folder when the file size is above 154K and using FileZila?

I have uploaded to webapp or root folders, I can see it from FileZila but do not see it from my Jelastic environment. The service provider support desk suggested me to re-start but didn’t work.


What you see in webapp folder is generated when I deployed earlier.
Thanks for any help.

It is better to use deployment manager as written in the documentation.

But I found a little trick. You can try it at your own risk.

I tried to upload WAR files(less than 154MB) to webapps and discovered that WARs are re-deployed when the Tomcat node restarts.
One thing is required: the WAR file should have the same name as the destination context. It means if you have deployed your application to the ROOT context and you want to renew it you should rename the uploaded “app.war” to “root.war”.
New contexts are not automatically created: if just to put newcontext.war to webapps nothing happens.

If your war file is bigger than 154MB you can upload it to some FTP service specify the link to it and it seems it will be enough to renew the WAR on FTP.

Ok, I shall try by renaming to ROOT.war and will upload to webapps followed by restarting tomcat.