War file size in v 6.9 increased

Is there any reason the war file in v 6.9 is increased compared to 6.8 or even 6.9 BETA3? First line below is deployed from v6.9.


This change is related to the new icu4j dependency in YARG library and required for RTL support in PDF reports.

+--- com.haulmont.reports:reports-core:6.9.1
|    +--- com.haulmont.yarg:yarg:2.0.14
|    |    +--- com.openhtmltopdf:openhtmltopdf-rtl-support:0.0.1-RC12
|    |    |    +--- com.ibm.icu:icu4j:59.1

icu4j-59.1.jar has size 11.4 MiB

You can exclude this dependency if you add the following code to the end of build.gradle:

subprojects {
    configurations.all {
        exclude group: "com.ibm.icu", module: "icu4j"

Hi Yuriy
Thanks for this info sharing. This will be useful soon to me I think. Before I do it, want to know the impact. What’s the role of that jar file, is it helping conversion of report from HTML to PDF and I’ll lose this option if I exclude it from my project?

As I’ve mentioned, it is required for RTL languages only. You could try to exclude this dependency, but you should test your reports after that.