Vulnerability in jquery

Hello everyone.
Within the financial application that we are doing, some security tests are being made and a vulnerability was detected in the jquery library v1.12.4 used by vaadin. Is there any direct way to update this library to pass the tests?

Vulnerability information


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Nelson F.


First of all, you need to add a new dependency for the Web Module of your application with a new version of the jQuery library, for example:

configure(webModule) {
    dependencies {
        compile 'org.webjars:jquery:3.2.1'

Then you need to specify a new path to the jQuery library which is used in a project as WebJar. To do so, define the cuba.web.webjars.jqueryPath property in the file, for example:

cuba.web.webjars.jqueryPath = jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js

Pay attention that the FileUploadField uses the jQuery UI and jQuery FileUpload libraries, so make sure that a new version of jQuery is compatible with them.



Thx @gorelov, we will do tests again.