vision clinic example problem

I am attempting to build the VisionClinic application from scratch. I’m following these instructions Home · cuba-platform/cuba-vision-clinic Wiki · GitHub and using jdk1.8.0_144. The build gets the following error on three entities (see attached file). By the way, if I import the example from the github it works great. It is only in trying to retrace the steps that I get this problem.

:app-web:compileJavaC:\java_apps\cuba-platform\vision-clinic\modules\web\src\com\company\visionclinic\web\appointments\ error: type argument Appointments is not within bounds of type-variable T
private CollectionDatasource<Appointments, IdProxy> appointmentsesDs;
where T,K are type-variables:
T extends Entity declared in interface CollectionDatasource
K extends Object declared in interface CollectionDatasource
C:\java_apps\cuba-platform\vision-clinic\modules\web\src\com\company\visionclinic\web\invoices\ error: type argument Invoices is not within bounds of type-variable T
private CollectionDatasource<Invoices, IdProxy> invoicesesDs;

visionclinic_build_error.txt (2.7K)

It seems you are developing the project using platform version 6.6.
The original project which you have downloaded from GitHub uses 6.5. That is why the code incompatibility occurs.
Try to re-inject the datasources in screen controllers. It should be as follows.

    private CollectionDatasource<Appointments, IdProxy<Long>> appointmentsesDs;