Views.xml Pane resets unexpectedly when editing large views


Views.xml Pane resets unexpectedly for large views

  • I’m seeing the views.xml pane close/reset for views with more than a certain number of elements
  • In the example below, if the highlighted attribute is selected, then the right hand pane changes to 'No view is selected.
  • If any other another attribute is unticked first, then the right hand pane doesn’t change or display the ‘No view is selected’ message when the highlighted attribute is selected
  • It appears to be a ‘fixed’ limit of attributes that is being exceeded as the same behaviour occurs for any combination of the same number of selected/unselected attributes
  • There should be an attachment with the view in called 280420exampleview.txt. I can make a demo project if it’s not an easy one to reproduce/resolve

280420exampleview.txt (2.9 KB)




  1. Which Studio version do you use? Information from the screenshot is not enough. It can be seen in the CUBA -> Welcome -> Product Versions section.

  2. Can you please attach the idea.log file with Studio logs, right after you encounter such problem in the UI?
    Folder with this log file can be opened from the main menu: Help -> Show Log in File Manager.

CUBA Platform version: 7.2.4
CUBA Studio plugin version: 13.2-191
IntelliJ version: CUBA Studio 2019.2

There should be an attached sample project called|
(514.8 KB)

There should be an attachment called idea.log. The log was cleared before opening the project and the only action was to navigate to the test view and select/unselect one of the associations which resulted in the ‘no view is selected’ message

idea.log (128.9 KB)

Thank you for the demo project.
I have successfully reproduced the problem and created the ticket:
We will fix it in one of next releases.