View to see the sys_sequence table in Cuba-Plaform

Is it possible to create a View to see the sys_sequence table in Cuba-Plaform and to maintain the sequences?

The SYS_SEQUENCES table is used for UniqueNumbers only in case of MySQL. For other databases the implementation is different.

Probably you can create a UI for this table, but why do you need this? There are database-independent methods in the app-core.cuba:type=UniqueNumbers JMX bean, which is available via Administration > JMX Console.

That is correct. But how can I change the sequence if I need to do some modifications of sequence.
Normally it is not necessary but sometimes I have to do some modifications.
I did see that I can change it in the sys_sequence table.
Is this recommended?

I do use:

private UniqueNumbersAPI uniqueNumbers;

private long getNextValue() {
  return uniqueNumbers.getNextNumber("mySequence");

When I generate a number from UniqueNumbersAPI the sequence is created in the sys_sequence table.
But how can I access this table via Cuba-platform. Any Ideas?

You can create a non-persistent entity, load data from table to the list of these entities and work with them on UI using a custom datasource. Take a look at this sample application: