View Creation in Studio with @NamePattern in MappedSuperclass


i created a @NamePattern in studio for a base class i created “ReferenceDataEntity”. It works great within the application. In studio however there is a problem with the view creation:

I created the entites:

  • ReferenceDataEntity (MappedSuperclass) with @NamePattern
  • Country (extends ReferenceDataEntity) without @NamePattern
  • Customer (has N:1 association to Country)

When i created a view for the customer class in order to add the country attribute to it, it does not get recognized the named pattern and therefore although it uses the “_minimal”, does not automatically checks the corresponding attributes (“code” and “name”).

Attached you’ll find the example project (with the “wrong” view).

You may have a look at it. That would be great.

Mario (71.4K)

At the time, platform does not support inheritance of name pattern.
Specify a name pattern for ‘Country’, and selection of the ‘_minimal’ view for it will take effect.


Hi Rostislav,

well, what i wanted to show is that in the application it worked quite well. I attached the project with generated screens but without specifying the @NamePattern in the Country class. In the customer-view the country attribute is selected with the minimal view. In the customer editor you’ll see it in action.

As i see it, only Studio does not really understand it, but the framework is capable of handling the scenario, or am i wrong on that?

Mario (84.2K)

Hi Mario,
You are right, Studio should handle inherited @NamePattern in the same way as the platform. We have filed a ticket for this.

Hi, the problem is fixed in the Studio version 6.3.0.