Versioncontrol VCS

How do I set up Version controll (VCS) in cuba platform?
I see that there is an option in settings with VCS pointing to Git or Subversion, but i don’t see how to sync with git or Subversion.

Does some one have any idea how to set this up?

The support for VCS in Studio is limited to the following (a quote from Studio context help):
"If you set a version control system in VCS field, all created, modified or deleted by Studio files will be submitted to the selected VCS. Currently Git and Subversion are supported."
So if you want to use Git, do the following:

  • initialize a new repository in the project directory
  • add all files and commit
  • select Git in Studio project properties
    After that, when you work with Studio, it will add or remove all modified files to Git. To commit them, use the command line or another full-featured Git client (for example provided by IDE).