Version 7 upgrade

I’m admittedly not an expert but I’m trying to upgrade 6.10 to 7.0 (or any 7.x).
It seems I’m having to change a fair amount of the existing code base so I’m curious as to this phrase in the 'Migration to Cuba 7 API:Screens document:

Please note that your entire codebase should work on the new version of the framework only with minor changes listed in the release notes , i.e. you don’t need to migrate existing screens on the new API, but if you want, the following guide may be helpful.

I’ve started the migration twice from scratch but there are so many changes that I feel I must be doing something wrong. Any help/suggestions/hints more than welcome.


I converted from 6.x to 7.x without changing my codes much…as both platform works together. Not sure where you are facing such issue.

I am currently trying to upgrade from v 7.x. to Jmix.
Before I can run the project after migration, I noticed I am missing a lot of screens which is a different scenario than yours. Look at this thread here.

In fact, I am not planning to make such tedious code conversion at this moment, waiting for the new version of JMIX with Vaadin 23 to convert screens in one go… will be painful but better once than again and again… This is my view, someone else may have different views…

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