Version 7 Database per Tenant query

Hi @artamonov @knstvk

As version 7 is around the corner and there is a lot of work being done with the data handling I was wondering if this will become possible or could be slipped in to version 7 :slight_smile:

It would be great to have support for “Database per Tenant” perhaps based off of sub-domains. Cuba is a fantastic system but unless you are in the US or some areas of Europe hosting can be quite expensive. In a SAAS application where you might need to split data it can become too expensive.

Could you comment of the possibility of this for Version 7?


Hi John,

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but we are not planning any work regarding Database per Tenant approach in the nearest future.

The team is now focused on the announced v.7 features and our main priority is to deliver it in time. After releasing 7.0, we’ll return to this topic and make additional research.

Hi @knstvk

Thanks for the reply. That is a shame I was hoping it might have been covered in Version 7. oh well. Fingers crossed you manage to have a look after Version 7 is out.