ValueChangeListeners priority


Is there a way to prioritise the order in which listeners such as ValueChangeListeners, ItemPropertyChangeListeners and ClickListeners are fired?

We have a number of events that are fired (either ValueChangeListenres or ItemPropertyChangeListenres) when a value is changed, however we want to prevent those listeners from firing if the user clicks the cancel button in either an entity combined screen or edit screen. We have a defined process the user must go through if a value is changed and this works great by initiating it through the listeners. However, the behaviour for the user is not as expected if they change a value in a textfield and immediately clicks then screen cancel button.

The valuechange listeners fire before the cancelbtn.clickeventlistener which means that despite the user selecting cancel they are taken through a process.

Thanks in advance


Just wonder if you considered starting those events only in one listener, e.g. when a user clicks on OK button or on a screen close event.

Hi @belyaev

Thanks for the advice. We had started to come to the same conclusion so are doing a slight rework.


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