Validate editor screen with frame contain form field

I have added a frame which contains a form with some required fields.
When I click save on editor screen, it validate all of form fields in the frame as well.
How can I disable this feature, I would like Save button in editor validate fieldGroup only.
After saving entity, user will do something in frame and I will validate separately in frame controller.

You can override the validateAll() method in the editor screen controller.
Note, that in this case cross-field validation will not be applied.

    private FieldGroup fieldGroup;

    public boolean validateAll() {
        return validate(
                        .filter(f -> f instanceof Validatable)
                        .map(f -> ((Validatable) f))

Also here is the way to add Save and Close and Save buttons:

<frame id="windowActions"


Thank you for your support.
One more question: Can I set table or data grid to select first row grammatically when browse screen opened? By default, table shows with no row selected, users have to click to select manually.

Since your question is not related to this topic, please, create a new one, so this will be more convinient for other users with the similar problem.

I created a new one here, please help.
Many thanks!