Vaadin Valo

Hi Chaps,
Just dipping my two in to cuba - looks like a smart bit of kit. A quick query really, do you have plans to use Vaadin valo as the default theme at all? If not, is it a mammoth project for me to retro fit it in to cuba?



Hi Matthew,

in fact, CUBA uses Vaadin’s valo theme. In CUBA It is wrapped in the “halo” theme, which you can read about it here:

So, generally speaking: it’s not a big problem to use valo. What exactly do you want to use from “valo”?


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As a Lightswitch refugee (RIP) , the only thing for me would be having the HTML client responsive out of the box. The pros definitely out the cons with Cuba Studio (I just picked up a pro-subscription today) , but loss of out-of-the-box responsiveness was a big hit.

HI Thomas,

If you check Valo dashboard responsive demo you will see that Valo is not responsive by default, it still requires a lot of manually written CSS rules. It uses CssLayout component and you can use it in CUBA too:

CUBA supports all the features of Valo out of the box because Halo theme is based on Valo, thus you can do with CUBA everything that Valo can do.

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Thank you! I will look more into this.

Cracking thanks - vertical menu and responsiveness of Valo was what I was looking for out of pure laziness! I see from your roadmap that you have vertical menu in there too for next release anyway. Top stuff.