Vaadin PWA in Cuba Platform


With the new version of Vaadin, Vaadin is able to create a Progressive Web App (PWA).
Is there a way to create a Vaadin PWA with Cuba Platform?
Can the current version be used to create Vaadin PWA?



The current version of CUBA’s Generic UI uses Vaadin 8 which does not contain any PWA capabilities. We evaluated next versions of Vaadin and decided to postpone migration, see details in this article. Currently you can create PWA app with the React UI.

I want to bring to your attention to one fact: Vaadin applications cannot be PWA with offline capabilities by their nature. If you want to implement truly offline PWA application you should check React UI.

That means React UI is better choice. Off-line capability is a valuable feature. Are you guys then thinking replacing current generic UI with React for internal and external facing apps & mobile apps?