Vaadin add-on: failed to build widgetset

I am trying to use a Vaadin add-on component in my CUBA application. After I have added the necessary codes in the dependency, the Studio nicely started compiling it but thrown the exception widgetset.txt (1.4 KB)

Thanks for your help on what could be the reason and how can I fix it.


Sorry, we cannot help you without the actual project and add-on setup. If you tell us more and attach the project archive we will try to find the error.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all the Vaadin add-ons with various required Vaadin versions will work with the platform at all. Probably, add-on author can solve incompatibility issues if any. Current platform (6.10) requires Vaadin 7.7.+, add-ons should be compatible with this Vaadin version.

Thank you Yuriy. You may be right, that add-on might have bug as I noticed that some other vaadin add-on is working in my project. I shall wait for CUBA 7 release in order to use the latest version of the Vaadin add-on I want to use.