V6.5 Screen template error

I had been using screen template that Konstantin used in one of the webinar to demo the multi-create option that is now giving exception due to breaking change in v6.5.
I tried to add necessary codes in the descriptor but i must have missed something…

GuiDevelopmentException: Illegal expand target 'windowActions' for container

Frame ID: erp$Material.edit
XML descriptor: com/company/web/acct/material/material-edit.xml
component: windowActions

I added the following code to the descriptor

<hbox id="buttonsBox"
    <button id="createNewBtn" caption="Save and create new"
            invoke="createNew" disableOnClick="true"/>
    <frame id="windowActions"

any help will be appreciated…

Hi Mortoza,

Your problem hardly relates to the changes in templates API.

Make sure that the expand attribute of a container points to an immediate child component of this container. Perhaps you need to change it from windowActions to buttonsBox.

Thanks for replying. If you please try the sample app that you used Ina webinar to demo the template, you might be able to regenerate the exception.

Well, I’ve just checked out the project, upgraded it to 6.5.0 and it works well, at least for already created screen. The custom template “Entity editor with Create button” doesn’t work as expected because of these API changes.

Do you have any plan to update that custom template when you have a chance please?