Using WindowCommit Action commit data change ,and close window via "close" button in right top corner

Hi Team,

In the case descripted in title, the data table will not be refresh. Via the ‘CommitAndClose’ action commit data change will refresh data Table. Can we let the data table auto refresh like ‘CommitAndClose’ doing?

Is this a bug ?

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Hi Ray,

In order to refresh data after closing an editor, use the AfterCloseEvent listener as described in Executing code after close and returning values. The framework refreshes browser data automatically only when editor is closed with Window.COMMIT_ACTION_ID.

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we can reload data manually,can we let the data reload automatically in this case?

I vote for this.
Described case has been a known issue for many years, since first versions of CUBA.
Technically there is no justification for CUBA not refreshing browser screen.

Why Edit -> Change Entity -> Save & Close leads to browser table refreshing its data,
and at the same time Edit -> Change Entity -> Save without Close -> Cancel (or cross) - does not?

Can’t we store “boolean committedAtLeastOnce” flag in StandardEditor?

Moreover, in case cuba team enhance this behavior, after " create a new entity -> Save without Close -> Cancel", it would be better to make the browser have the new item selected.

OK, created issue.