Using url to filter or write operations


Is it possible to filter my browse view using the url?

For example: I have ‘client’ entity and I want to see the client who was id=1 when I enter in the url: http://localhost/client/1.

Is it possible? Is there any tutorial about this?

I also want to perform write operations using the url. For example: http://localhost/client/flag/true. Then, the flag field becomes true


direct linking to screen with parameters can be achieved through the screen links and the option to set an item in order to open an editor of this particular item.

Write operations through a GET request, which a link basically is, are generally a bad idea (see explanation for more information). Instead you should try to arrange your software in a way that will not let the google crawler destroy your data :slight_smile:

Do you want to do links from within the CUBA application or from the outside?