Using Side Menu Component

Dear All,

I am trying to use the new UI Side menu component.
For some reason, all screens and sub-menus show on the same level when i run the application.
As you see in the attached screenshot, I am supposed to get a “Setup” menu under which I can access Customers, Items and System Codes.
Same goes for Administration menu and the screens below.

Note that I am able to open the screens without any issues. However, I am not able to show any hierarchy in the side menu component.
Where can this be set? What am I missing?
Appreciate your help on this.




We have decided to not introduce CSS styles for new components to old Havana theme. If you want to use one of new components (SideMenu, DataGrid) you can either write CSS for these components yourself or switch to Halo theme.

Ok, thank you!

does that mean we should use Halo theme to get the best/most options from the system?

Yes, havana is our old theme. Currently, it is recommended to use halo or create your own theme based on it: